22 апр 2016 Еще один гостевой обзор от Карла, на этот раз, это Android 5.1 ТВ бокс Matricom G-Box Q2 на базе процессора Amlogic S812.

24 Apr 2017 Don't Let Them Know What You are Searching For on the internet, use a VPN http://www.clkmg.com/CoachT/BEST-VPN Matricom's Q3 and Q2  Setting Up Your G-Box. To Your TV: Plug the Power Cord into the wall and into your G-Box. Plug the HDMI Cable into  Find the most reliable customer support for you G-Box and G-Pads online. Access Matricom forums, the help desk, warranty info, firmware updates and more. G-Box Q/Q2 Navigate to the “Router” settings by selecting the tab on the right. Configuring the G-Box (Model Q2) using a remote and a wireless keyboard/ mouse. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to G-Box, connect the other end to a TV or monitor. • Connect G-Box will then show black 'Matricom' screen. G-Box   It already has Kodi setup on it including all available features and codecs. Now, the most recent G-Box Q2 comes with the second latest stable version of Kodi  29 Aug 2017 As with most Android TV Boxes, the Matricom G-Box Q2 is a small Boxes, you will still need a wireless keyboard or mouse to get things setup. Replacement IR Remote Controller for M8 Android TV Box Matricom G-Box Q. Amazon's Sofabaton U1 All in 1 Universal Remote with smartphone App easy setup video review. SofaBaton Works fine with my g-box Q2 (android box).


There are configuration 'keys' offered on Amazon and other places for a faster setup. You can find out more about Kodi on YouTube and other places. The one big negative here is the remote control, which is nearly useless. The one that was bundled with my original G-Box Mx2 was ok but still better than what's with the Q2. Honestly, a TV box of

G-Box will reboot and show A9 quad-core processor screen. G-Box will then show black 'Matricom' screen. G-Box will then show desktop with UrgentQ and Autostart_and_Stay icons for 15 seconds. G-Box will finally show UrgentQ screen and load the wait room queue for the clinic being configure. Configuring the G-Box (Model Q2).pdf • Find the G-Box remote and click the red power button upper-left. If the screen presents a reboot option, click Reboot and allow the G-Box to reboot and then boot all the way up to the home screen. The G-Box is configured to automatically start the UrgentQ app 15 seconds after first displaying the home page. A few seconds after switching to the UrgentQ page, it should then load the web page which displays your patient queue.